About Us

We love to explore sex orgasm,trying to provide people better sex experience!!More than that,we think,people love to drown in sex to release ourselves,so we create Sexbuyer.com,to express you are a really sex buyer if you have experienced our sex toy designed.

In today's society,it's not easy for people to buy a suitable sex toy for them,due to invisible pressure in daily life or lack of experience of purchasing sex toys.Don't worried!we are expert.If you want to have a secret package,we can do it for you!Let us disguised package,so your family and friends won't find any abnormal when they receive or see your package.



Professional team


Founded in 2021, We start with a $50,000 investment, and get $1 million investment in 2022.Now we already have over 100 employees in 2022.We will continue to build the sexbuyer brand into a world-renowned brand. One of the founder of Sexbuyer, Felix, have more than ten years of experience in sex research. In the early year, Felix studied how to make people get the best orgasm with suitable sex toys.

Sexbuyer's mission


Sexbuyer hopes to bring the beauty of sex to the world through sex toys, so that people can use our toys to feel the inherent pleasure of sex in their busy work and life. Sexbuyer pursues the ultimate sex,having resources of hundreds of sex toy suppliers.We mainly provide sex toys to serve sex lovers all over the world,mainly targets Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East along with other consumer markets.it has upheld the philosophy that "everyone can enjoy the sex orgasm."


Sexbuyer's feature


Pleasure is different for everybody, and there is more than one way to experience it. We are committed to creating toys that satisfy many different sexual desires. Our unique toys inspire and delight the particular wants of all different kinds of people. Our toys are versatile and varied, and they are created with body-safe materials, so you can really explore safely!

Best quality and customer service


1.As we known,quality must be the first and the most important thing to bear in mind.Before the sex product is shipped,we make a careful quality inspection of every product.If we find any defective product,products will be collected and destroyed immediately.

2.Our office is Maruzawa Huachuang Trading Co., Ltd. (4A39, Dongfeng Building, No. 2010, Shennan Middle Road, Fuqiang Community, Huaqiangbei Street, Futian District, Shenzhen)

Welcome to contact us by email:[email protected]


Delicately Selected

All our sex toys are selected by pleasure experts with strict quality control and product testing. With weekly new arrivals, we give what’s BEST to you.

Global Reputation

From the US to Germany, UK and Australia, we’ve gained over 100,000 happy customers with satisfaction..

Keeps Innovating

Our product team with forefront market insights continue to bring you the latest, most diverse, and most surprising sex toys. Yes, we’re down to the game!

Worry-free Guarantee

We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee of your products. Your personal data is always safe with us.