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Sexbuyer Ultimate Battleship | Automatic Thrusting & Rotating


Realistic 3D Texture: This male masturbator is designed to mimic the feeling of a real partner. While you are masturbating,

fill the soft and sexy gaps with your erect penis and enjoy realistic penetrating sex. The seductive ticking sound strokes your cock

and takes you to the climax of heaven.

7 Rotation Modes: This male masturbator is powered by a powerful motor and has 7 exciting rotation speeds and styles to choose from. 

Fully automatic push and turn, you can push and turn quickly. Try to perform fast enhancements at the highest settings for crazy, intense training.

Free Your Hands: The male masturbator makes hands-free enjoyment a breeze. Lock on the smoothest non-porous surface, screw into the

bottom of the male masturbator base, release your hand, use the button to activate the toy and explore the game alone , or take the toy away 

from your lover and let them take control of your happiness.

Removable Flexible Sleeve: The male masturbator is designed to be flipped up, which can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning 

and multiple uses. Before and after use, please clean it with a little warm soapy water or your favorite toy care solution.