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5 Sucking 9 Vibrating Modes Blowmotion Masturbation Cup



  • 5 sucking modes will drive your penis in and out for ultimate oral sex pleasure.
  • 9 gratifying vibration stimulates from the tip to shaft.
  • Features a dedicated button for maximizing the intensity of vibration at one push.
  • A fleshy sleeve with soft bumps line the tunnel massages your cock as you thrust.
  • Matte container assists in keeping your grip nice while stroking.
  • Detachable for throughout cleaning.


Lightweight motorized automatic masturbation cup that brings you the ultimate stroking experience. The fleshy sleeve evenly around your erection, tight yet cozy, fits just right. And there are 9 modes of vibration and 5 frequencies of suction that are controlled by independent buttons, so you’ll be sure to have a personalized and sensual experience. Moreover, it’s equipped with a special click-to-spurt button, designed to provide extreme vibration at the right time to achieve unparalleled ejaculation excitement. The sleeve is easy to take out, you don’t have to worry about the cleaning. Just hold it in place, fire up your favorite website, and enjoy the surreal sensation that someone else is giving you a blowjob!